Housing Assistance for Low-Income in Oklahoma

Are you in need of housing support in Oklahoma? There are non-profits, charities, federal, and state programs providing rental assistance and affordable housing to families and individuals with low-income. The programs also cover the needy and the less fortunate like individuals living with disabilities and the senior members of society. For more housing resources, keep reading this article.

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.

This service aims to provide access to basic information regarding legal services and resources available, and the options families can explore in Oklahoma. Such information is available online along with training and education for the no-profits and other organizations providing housing services to the low-income earners in Oklahoma. Want to undergo free training? Visit http://is.gd/77Tgqp and sign up for online or in-person classes. Who is eligible for support from Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.? Find out more about the eligibility requirements at https://www.legalaidok.org/if-you-need-help/. You may also reach out by calling 1-888-534-5243.

Public and Subsidized Housing

Public and Subsidized Housing program is provided to families with income not enough to obtain quality housing in Oklahoma. Who is eligible for the program support? The program assists families with low-income, that is, earnings must not exceed the low-income limits as guided by the Federal Poverty Level. The senior members of the community and people living with a disability are also eligible to apply for the program assistance. You must meet the citizenship requirements to qualify for housing help. Have you been involved in drug or substance abuse or committed a sexual offense? You can’t qualify for the program if you’ve been convicted of crimes related to drug abuse or sexual offense. The Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), that are in charge of processing the application and generally running the program, conduct a criminal background check in all applicants. How can you apply for this program? All applications are submitted to the PHA’s offices. Ensure you complete the application form, giving all the details as required. You must also submit the necessary documents, including your ID or driving license, social security, bank statements, among others. What if your application is approved? When your application is approved, it means you can start receiving Public and Subsidized Housing support. You will need to contribute a small portion of your income towards the rent while HUD funds, which finances this program covers the rest. The amount of rent you will pay will depend on your income and the number of people in your family. Read more at https://oklaw.org/resource/public-subsidized-housing.

Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma, Inc. (REI) Down Payment Assistance Program

This is a financial support program that helps Oklahoma low-income homebuyers to help them with down payment and closing costs. You must demonstrate the ability to make monthly mortgage payments to qualify. The program only helps those willing to own a home but need a little financial assistance to reach their goal. How does the program work? The program support always comes in form of a gift. That is, you don’t have to repay the funds. Whether you resell or change the ownership of the property. The program does not make it a requirement to stay in the house for up to a certain number of years to repay or not to repay the loans. Note that this program can be used along with Veterans Affairs (VA), Federal Housing Authority (FHA), and Rural Development first mortgages. The program funds can be used to cover 100% of the required cash to purchase a new home. Who is eligible for this program? You must meet the low-income limits for your residential area, have at least a 640-credit score, at least 45% of a debt-to-income ratio, and accept to occupy the property as your primary residence. Find out more at https://www.fha.com/grants/oklahoma-rei-down-payment-assistance.

Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing

The Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing aims to ensure all residents of Oklahoma get access to safe and affordable housing within the surrounding communities. The coalition strives to achieve its goal through advocacy and providing training and education meant to help residents maintain the safety of their homes and assume their responsibilities as homeowners. Visit https://affordablehousingcoalition.org/ for more details.

Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma – Foreclosure Prevention

Having trouble making your mortgage payments? Finding hard to make a proper budget for your limited finances? Are you facing foreclosure? Have you approached an attorney? Received any legal letter? You have many options to explore. Don’t get worried. Foreclosure is something that can happen to anyone. The Neighborhood Housing Services in Oklahoma can help you get through your situation. They have housing counselors to help you solve your housing and financial problems. You will arrange an appointment and learn about the housing counseling process. The counselors will provide you with options available to prevent foreclosure and connect you with community resources. They will help you come up with a budget that suits your needs. The Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma can help you get the services you need while acting as your advocate. Note that housing counseling sessions are private and confidential. Don’t face foreclosure alone. Get started at https://nhsokla.force.com/nhsoklacft. For more details, please visit https://www.nhsokla.org/foreclosure-prevention/.

Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program – Catholic Charities

Families face many challenges whenever money starts becoming tight. Making a budget that can pay rent or cover utility bills can be overwhelming when you feel funds are not enough. After all, you don’t want your source of home energy to get cut off or experience any other disconnection because you didn’t raise enough funds to pay your bills. Catholic Charities understand the consequences of such situations are therefore happy to help you. The Catholic Charities, through the Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program, provides housing and support services to eligible families in Oklahoma to help them achieve stability and live a comfortable life in the community. When applying for the program assistance, you must bring proof of your current family income and utility bills. Note that Catholic Charities provides housing services to residents of Oklahoma regardless of their religion, nationality, race, or socioeconomic status. For rent support, you will need to bring a copy of the lease in your name and identification as well as proof of your income. You must enroll in a budgeting class once you qualify for the program benefits. Need help with your rent or utility bill payment? Please visit any Catholic Charity Office near you for assistance. You may also call (405) 523-3000 for more information. Find out more at https://catholiccharitiesok.org/get-help/family-support-services/emergency-rent-utility-assistance.

Single-Family Housing Direct Home Loans in Oklahoma

The program provides direct loans to low-income families to enable them to have access to safe and affordable housing in the USDA-eligible rural areas. The program aims to improve the repayment ability of the applicant and reduce their mortgage payments for a short while. The amount of assistance you may receive depends on the size and income of your family. Who qualifies for the program support? You must be willing to repay the loan and meet the low-income limits in your area to be eligible for payment assistance. Have you ever been in any federal program? Were you suspended? Applicants with poor history from previous feral programs do not qualify for this program assistance. You must meet the eligibility requirements for a USDA direct loan. Visit https://www.rd.usda.gov/sites/default/files/RD-DirectLimitMap.pdf to see if you are eligible. Rural areas qualified for the program support are those with less than 35,000 population. Access complete information at http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do?pageAction=sfpd. The program funds must be used to help rural households purchase safe homes. The program loans have a low-interest rate of 1% and are repayable over 33 years. For the extremely low-income families, they may repay after 38 years. You need to make a down payment from your pockets if you qualify for the program assistance. Visit https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/single-family-housing-direct-home-loans/ok for more details about the program.

Oklahoma Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Oklahoma LIHEAP provides financial support to households whose income does not allow them to pay for home energy costs without experiencing disconnections. The program supports more than 180,000 families with financial problems to help them meet their home energy costs. Assistance depends on the availability of the program funds from the federal government. Under this program, the assistance includes Regular Energy Assistance Program (REAP), which provides help to families to enable them to cover their heating bills during winter. Another form of assistance is called the Energy Crisis Assistance Program, which offers support to families facing emergencies like running out of fuel, disconnections from the energy source, or the need to establish a new energy system. You can apply for both programs at http://www.okdhslive.org/. Find out more at https://oklahoma.gov/okdhs/services/liheap/utilityservicesliheapmain.html.

Section 8 Housing Program in Oklahoma

The Section 8 Housing Program provides support to low-income families in need of housing assistance. The program provides a rental subsidy, which partly pays applicants’ rent while the qualified families cover the arrears by contributing a portion of their income (usually 30% or 40%). The program allows you to choose a housing unit in the private market as long as it meets the HUD quality standards. The payment is made directly to the property owner on your behalf through vouchers. Your income must be or at the Federal poverty level to qualify for the program assistance. For more information, please visit https://www.ok.gov/ohfa/Renters/Apply_For_Section_8_Voucher/.

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