Housing Assistance for Low-Income in Wyoming

Many people are seeking housing assistance in Wyoming state mainly due to low-income, homelessness, or some form of disability. There are housing support programs that can help you pay security deposits, rent, or mortgage. Keep reading this article for more details about the housing resources available in Wyoming.

Wyoming Housing Network, Inc. – Homebuyer Counseling and Education Program

Of course, achieving the homeownership dream is exciting. But, do you ever think about how complex the process can be? It is overwhelming, especially for low-income families. It is therefore important to stay informed as you navigate the process. The Homebuyer Counseling and Education Program offered by the Wyoming Housing Network, Inc. will get you o the right track to achieving your dream of becoming a homeowner. The organization provides the necessary information and resources to low-income homebuyers to help them make the right decisions towards homeownership. What benefits do you receive as a program participant? The program will help you understand the whole process of becoming a homeowner, develop a budget that meets your needs and that helps you build a strong financial foundation, and enhance your confidence in home buying. The program also allows you to prepare for future challenges that come with homeownership and come up with ways of overcoming them. How does the program work? Once you qualify for the program assistance, you will take a homebuyer education course, complete the fillable form, and schedule an appointment at https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/WHNUFC. Find out more about the program at https://whninc.org/housing-counseling/homebuyer-education/.

Wyoming Housing Network, Inc. – Foreclosure Counseling

Having trouble paying your mortgage? Many people fail to understand what they should do when they can’t pay their mortgage. Facing foreclosure is not an offense and don’t feel like you are alone in such situations. Many people are facing the same situation as you and that is why Wyoming Housing Network is there to help you navigate through the process. Foreclosure counseling will help figure out what to do at the right time. You don’t have to worry about payment. Wyoming Housing Network offers foreclosure counseling at no cost. The organization has HUD-certified counselors with over 15 years of experience. That means they can offer support at any stage – be it homeowner counseling, foreclosure prevention, or post-foreclosure counseling. It is advisable to avoid foreclosure scams. Remember, foreclosure counseling services are free and therefore, you should beware of people or organizations charging a fee for the same. Do you think you have been scammed? Visit http://www.loanscamalert.org/en-us/report-a-scam to file a complaint. For more details, visit https://whninc.org/housing-counseling/foreclosure-counseling/.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Program

The program allows qualified applicants to borrow loans and live in the property without having to make repayments. That doesn’t mean everyone can fit in this program. You must meet certain eligibility requirements. The program is strictly available for senior homeowners aged 62 and above and who wish to maintain ownership of the property and use it as their primary residence. You must also meet the FHA eligibility requirements to qualify for the program assistance. Ensure you have undergone homebuyer counseling from a HUD-recognized housing counseling agency. Counseling is important because it enables you to stay well-informed and understand the available terms as well as the options you can explore. Find out more at https://whninc.org/housing-counseling/reverse-mortgage-counseling/.

Housing First Program

Housing First is a homeless support program that provides homeless families with permanent housing and other supportive services to enable them to regain stability in the surrounding community. The program allows participants to choose where to live and the services they want to participate in. learn more about the program at http://www.endhomelessness.org/pages/housing_first.

Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV): Outreach and Emergency Shelter Services

The HCHV program was launched to help homeless veterans have access to health care services in the community. The main program activity is outreach, which is designed to help reduce homelessness among veterans. The outreach targets the most vulnerable veterans who do not receive any benefits. The program aims to engage qualified applicants in rehabilitation programs. The program also offers case management services and connects veterans to emergency shelter services and other resources to help them transition to stable and affordable housing. How does the program work? Are you a veteran experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity? Well, you will need to reach out to the outreach team first. The team offers walk-in services to homeless veterans or those at risk of becoming homeless. All you need to do is contact an outreach case manager. Other program services include shelter and meal services. For more details about the eligibility requirements and how the program work, please visit https://www.cheyenne.va.gov/services/homeless/index.asp.

Welcome Home Wyoming Program

The purpose of this program is to provide financial support to families willing to become homeowners but need a little help to achieve their mission. Most people are stuck in the renters’ trap because of costs that come with homeownership, including down payment and closing costs. That is why the Welcome Home Wyoming Program provides mortgage loans of up to 30 years plus down payment support of up to 5% of the loan amount. The program’s financial assistance comes in form of a grant and doesn’t need to be repaid. You must complete a homebuyer education course to qualify for the program support. The program allows participants to fund both new and existing homes. Please visit https://www.fha.com/grants/welcome-home-wyoming-down-payment-program#:~:text=Home%20Wyoming%20Program-,Welcome%20Home%20Wyoming%20is%20a%20statewide%20down%20payment%20assistance%20program,to%20pay%20the%20upfront%20costs.

Home$tretch Loan Program

The program is administered by the Wyoming County Development Authority and is designed to support families to become homeowners. The program helps participants make down payments and cover closing costs. The program support comes in form of a deferred loan. Through this program, you can receive up to a $ 10,000-second mortgage. You don’t have to make monthly payments. Loans are repaid once you resell or change the ownership of the property. to qualify for the program support, you have to be a first-time home buyer and ready to make a contribution of up to $1,500, which is usually considered as a gift. You must have a credit score of at least 620 and ensure you undergo WCDA’s homebuyer education and counseling class. For more details, please visit https://www.fha.com/grants/wyoming-homestretch-loan-program.

USDA’s Single-Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants in Wyoming

The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to low-income families through loans and grants. Loans are designed to help low-income families make the necessary improvements in their homes, including repairs and renovation. The funds can also be used to modernize the homes of low-income families.  The grants, on the other hand, are provided to the senior homeowners and are designed to help them remove the threats to the safety and health of their homes. to qualify for the program assistance, you have to be the homeowner and use the house as your primary residence. You must provide proof that you are the occupant and demonstrate the need for financial support. For grants, you must be 62 years or older and be unable to make repayments. For both grants and loans, your family income must not exceed 50% of the area median income. how much assistance can you receive from the program? Well, the program provides support based on the family income and size. In other words, your level of need will determine the amount of financial support you may get. The program provides a maximum loan of $20,000 and up to a $7,500 grant. Sometimes, if you meet both loan and grant eligibility requirements, you may get a combination of up to $27,500. Visit https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/single-family-housing-repair-loans-grants/wy for more details.

Wyoming Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Wyoming LIHEAP is administered by the Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS). The program focuses on helping low-income household settle their home energy bills. the program gives priority to the senior homeowners and renters, people with disabilities, and children younger than 5 when determining those who qualify for the program support. The amount of assistance depends on the type of fuel your family consumes and your adjusted income. Having heating emergencies? Afraid of facing disconnections? Don’t worry. The Wyoming LIHEAP offers additional funds for families having heating emergencies. The program also provides replacement or repair equipment to families with inoperable tools. The LIHREAP also provides Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) to help families maintain more energy-efficient homes and reduce their heating costs. Find out more at https://www.lieapwyo.org/.

Section 8 Housing Assistance Program

The Wyoming Section 8 Housing program works to support low-income families through rental assistance. the program subsidizes rents paid by the low-income to enable them to have access to quality housing in the community. The program allows applicants to choose where they want to live, as long as the housing unit meets the HUD quality standards and can accept section 8 vouchers. Once you qualify for the program support, the Public Housing Authority in your area will place you on a waiting list. Please note that the support is based on the availability of program funds and one can stay on the waiting list for up to 9 years. That is because there is a high demand for housing support in Wyoming. Program participants pay 30% or 40% as rent while the program covers the rest of the payment. For more details, please visit https://www.hud.gov/states/wyoming/renting.

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