Housing Assistance for Low-Income in Idaho

Looking for financial support for a mortgage, grants for utility bills, rental assistance programs near you? There are numerous programs in Idaho offering assistance with rent, mortgages, and energy bills. Whether you are living with a disability or you are elderly, you can’t miss out. Find out how to reach out to housing resources when in need of support. Keep reading this article for more details.

Idaho Housing and Finance Association

Idaho Housing and Finance Corporation is a financial institution in Idaho that administrates resources for quality and affordable housing in the state. The institution is committed to providing funding to increase opportunities for affordable housing in the neediest communities in Idaho. The organization operates its activities without financial help from state bodies. The institution provides both residential and mortgage products and is an agent for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The organization delivers housing services through its mortgage lender as well as broker partners. Services include funding and developing affordable housing within the state. In their mission, the IHFA prioritizes increasing the number and the condition of safe housing for the low-income in the rural areas, reduce and prevent homelessness among the residents, providing homeownership education and financial assistance to those in need, and increasing affordable housing opportunities for the low-income. Learn more about the organization at https://www.idahohousing.com/about/.

Southwestern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority (SICHA)

SICHA works to provide rental support to qualified low-income individuals and families in counties in Southwestern Idaho. Service areas include Adams, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, Washington, and Valley counties. The goal of SICHA is to provide safe and affordable housing to enable low-income families to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. SICHA also works to provide housing information and refer families to resources that can best meet their needs. SICHA operates 18 housing projects for low-income families, seniors, and individuals living with a disability. Public Housing and rural development projects are designed for families and the elderly, and the section 8/202 program for the individuals living with a disability. Are you a senior? Please find your rural development application form here. For families, click here to access your application form. Find out more at https://www.sicha.org/Public/HousingAuthorityRentals/default.htm.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is administered by the Idaho Housing and Finance Association. Out of the 44 counties, the program is only run in 34 of them. Are you qualified for HUD’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program? Well, your income must meet the HUD income guidelines. With the housing vouchers, program participants are allowed to choose a housing unit in HUD eligible areas. However, you must ensure your housing meets the quality standards required. Because rental assistance is in high demand in Idaho, applicants are usually placed on waiting lists. You will be assisted once you reach the top of the list. Assistance also depends on the fund’s availability and your current housing status. Want to make inquiries concerning the status of your application? Please reach out to the branch office where you made your application. Find out more details at https://www.idahohousing.com/rental-assistance/housing-choice-voucher/.

Homelessness Service Programs

Many residents of Idaho are experiencing homelessness, while others are facing homelessness threats. Because of this, HUD funds both non-profit and governmental agencies to help get rid of the homelessness situation in Idaho. The Idaho Housing and Finance Association administers homelessness programs and is the general receiver of HUD funds. The programs’ funds are used to offer supportive services including, rapid re-housing, emergency shelters, transitional housing, and permanent housing to qualified applicants. Through the housing projects operated by the IHFA, many families have obtained safe and affordable housing options across the state. The programs include:

Continuum of Care (CoC)

The Continuum of Care program is committed to rehousing homeless persons rapidly and enable them to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. The CoC program services are provided to qualified individuals regardless of their gender, nationality, sexuality, race, religion, among others. The goal is to offer many housing options to the participants while providing supportive services by employing both scattered site and single-site approaches. Please visit https://www.idahohousing.com/homelessness-services-programs/continuum-of-care/.

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

The purpose of the ESG program is to offer solutions to homelessness and provide victims with resources for independent living. The program offers services including street outreach, rental assistance, emergency shelters, renovation, and housing stabilization to homeless individuals and families and those at risk of experiencing homelessness. Find out more details at https://www.idahohousing.com/homelessness-services-programs/emergency-solutions-grants/.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

HOPWA strives to address and meet the housing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. The program offers both housing and supportive services to qualified individuals throughout the state of Idaho. The HOPWA program aims to ensure HIV//AIDS victims can obtain and retain their current housing status. The program also offers long-term rental assistance to the participants. Visit https://www.idahohousing.com/homelessness-services-programs/hopwa/.

FHA Loans

FHA loans program aims to secure lenders from experiencing financial risk. Did you know that these loans come with a requirement of a 3.5% down payment? That makes them suitable for first-time homebuyers who would wish to receive financial support for making a down payment. It is also a viable option for a homeowner with a low credit score. Want to apply for assistance? Please visit https://organic.fhaloan.com/?ppcid=103&loan_purpose=1&cid=FHALOAN&product=PP_NEWHOME.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loans Program

The VA Home Loan program provides financial support to qualified low-income veterans and their families. The loans are provided to qualified individuals at low-interest, and you don’t have to make a down payment. Apply for this program at http://www.ratezip.com/?ppcid=111.

USDA Loans Program

The United States Department of Agriculture rural department is committed to building healthy and sustainable rural communities through financial assistance given in form of loans to qualified applicants. With USDA loans, you don’t make down payments, and loans offered are low-interest. That gives you a chance to improve and modernize your home through repairs and renovation for a better living. Visit http://www.ratezip.com/?ppcid=111 to apply for a USDA loan.

Down Payment/Closing Assistance

Are you a homebuyer with a good credit score? Did you know that Idaho Housing and Finance Association provides down payment assistance to qualified homebuyers with good credit scores? Once you qualify, the services the organization offers reduces the amount you will finally use to purchase your new home. What down payment and closing cost assistance loan products can you qualify for? Applicants can qualify for a second mortgage and forgivable loan. View full program details at https://www.idahohousing.com/documents/down-payment-and-closing-cost-assistance-programs.pdf.

Idaho Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Idaho LIHEAP is designed for low-income families who find it difficult to pay their utilities or those that face emergencies related to cooling or heating. Once you qualify for the assistance program, a one-time payment is directed towards your utility provider on your behalf. In cases of emergencies, the program funds are directly sent to the qualified applicants. What does the program consider as an emergency? If you are experiencing a utility disconnection form, say, a heating power, you can get support immediately you apply. Idaho LIHEAP aims to make heating more affordable to low-income families. Did you know that the LIHEAP program offers additional assistance to families at risk of permanent disconnection? Higher preference is given to households with people living with a disability, seniors, and younger children when providing heating assistance. are you looking for financial support? Then, make sure you meet the LIHEAP requirements, including below 150% of the federal poverty level. By the way, LIHEAP assistance is available to homeowners as well as renters in need of support with utility. What documents do you need to make an application? Please come with proof of your annual income, identity, and your current energy bills. You must be a U.S. citizen and a residence of Idaho. You must also demonstrate that you genuinely need financial support to pay your home energy bills. When providing proof of your income, ensure it is for the last three months before your application. Want to apply for LIHEAP? Kindly reach out to your local housing agency that provides LIHEAP benefits. Find a list of agencies providing LIHEAP benefits at http://www.idahocommunityaction.org/programs/programsenergyassistance/low-income-home-energy-assistance-program-providers/. find out more about Idaho LIHEAP assistance at https://www.benefitsapplication.com/program_info/ID/LIHEAP.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Jesse Tree runs the emergency rental assistance program in Idaho whose purpose is to support families in catching up with their monthly rent payment. Want to receive assistance with rent? Please reach out to the Jesse Tree’s Housing Crisis Line at 208-383-9486. When you call the line, you will be required to provide details concerning your name, your location, and your current situation. you will also explain the best time they can reach out to you if there is more to discuss. Facing eviction already? Please fill out this form. It is important to communicate with your landlord as soon as possible. Explain your financial situation to your landlord and find out the options you can explore. Ask your landlord if they may be willing to set up a payment plan for you. Remember, Jesse Tree’s rental assistance is provided only once. For this reason, ensure you can set plans for paying rent in the future. Read more at https://www.jessetreeidaho.org/rental-assistance.

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