Housing Assistance for Low-Income in Indiana

The are several different emergency housings and rent programs accessible to Indiana residents. The goal of most of these programs is to prevent homelessness and evictions, provide rental assistance, and safe, decent, and affordable housing for all Indiana residents. Read this article for more information.

Hud-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)

The HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) program supports homeless veterans. The program combines both Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance and services offered to veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) such as case management and clinical services.  Eligible veterans include those participating in the VA medical centers (VAMCs) and community-based outreach clinics. The local Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) determines if the veteran participant meets the HUD regulations for the program. Eligibility also depends upon the level of income of each veteran in need of assistance. once you have become an eligible candidate for this program, it is a requirement that you participate in the case management and makes use of the supportive services available. The goal is to help you regain stability and obtain sustainable housing in the surrounding community. For more information, please visit https://www.in.gov/ihcda/4263.htm.

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)                                                                                                  

The HCV program provides housing assistance to low-income individuals and families in the rental market. The eligible individuals are allowed to choose a rental unit from the private housing market. The housing unit of your choice must the requirements of the IHA to be considered. Qualified program participants pay 30% or less of their monthly income towards rent and utility bills. The assistance acts as a subsidy of your rent arrears and is paid directly to the landlord or the property owner. Eligibility for this program largely depends on the income level of the applicant. Your income must exceed the low-income limits in your area. Adults, 18 years and older go through criminal history checks. You won’t be eligible for this program if you have been evicted for drug-related criminal activity. Please visit https://www.indyhousing.org/housing-choice-voucher/frequently-asked-questions to learn more about the program.

Indiana Housing Now.org

Indiana Housing Now.org is a housing locator that support individuals by providing detailed information regarding rental properties and help them find housing that best suits their needs. The locator housing service is sponsored by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. The search involves a wide variety of criteria as well as special mapping features that allow people to easily search for housing units of their choice. The service also provides the necessary housing resources and helpful tools, including the rental checklist, affordability calculator, and information about the rights and responsibilities of tenants. The property owners can also make use of this service to manage their listings without having t pay anything in return. Are you a property owner? Please register at http://www.socialserve.com/dbh/Registration.html?ch=IN and manage your listings online. For more information, please visit http://www.indianahousingnow.org/.

Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI)

The FHCCI is a non-profit housing organization committed to promoting housing equality by bringing an end to housing discrimination. The organization carries out this mission through advocacy, education, enforcement, and community outreach. The organization was established in 2011 through the HUD grant that was awarded to the National Fair Housing Alliance to launch a fair housing agency in Central Indiana. Visit https://www.fhcci.org/about/ to learn more about the program.

Project-Based Rental Assistance

The Indiana State and HUD promote affordable housing opportunities to low-income individuals and families through project-based rental assistance. This program focuses on the special needs populations, and the purpose is to provide affordable housing. The program is similar to Section 8 Housing, except that, when you seize the occupant of the rental property, you stop receiving assistance. In other words, the rental subsidy stays with the building the moment you move out of the rental property. Housing types available through this program include single-family homes, townhomes, or apartments. Visit https://housing4hoosiers.org/get-your-housing/find-it/what-is-affordable-housing/ to learn more about the program.

Rental Assistance Demonstration

The Rental Assistance Demonstration was established to provide Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) with a tool to improve housing properties in the public market. The program also gives Rent Supplement, Rental Assistance Payment, and Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation, the opportunity to engage in long contracts that facilitate funding of housing improvements in Indiana. Under this program, housing units move to the Section 8 platform with a long-term contract. The law requires the contract to be renewed to ensure that the housing units remain permanently affordable to low-income individuals and households. With RAD, residents continue to use 30% of their income to pay for rent and utilities but maintain the same basic rights as in the public housing program. Through the ongoing ownership rules, RAD maintains the public stewardship of the converted housing property. For more information, please visit https://indyhousing.org/rad/.

The Service Hub

The Service Hub provides financial assistance, housing, and supportive services for homeless individuals and families. The goal is to help the eligible persons obtain permanent housing as soon as possible. Supportive services provided by this program include case management, rental assistance, deposits, and housing search assistance. additional services include access to computers, shower, laundry, transportation services, and other emergency assistance homeless individuals and families may need. Once you qualify for this assistance, the Service Hub has utensils, furniture, and other necessities to get your housekeeping started. The program also provides housing support to low-income persons through rentals offered below the fair market rate. Find out more at https://in211.communityos.org/guided_search/render/ds/%7B%22service%5C%5Cservice_taxonomy%5C%5Cmodule_servicepost%22%3A%7B%22value%22%3A%5B%7B%22taxonomy_id%22%3A411214%7D%5D%2C%22operator%22%3A%5B%22contains_array%22%5D%7D%2C%22agency%5C%5Cagency_system%5C%5Cname%22%3A%7B%22value%22%3A%22VLTEST%22%2C%22operator%22%3A%5B%22notequals%22%5D%7D%7D?localHistory=iNMUAUUmQDthWFSBL9CDoA.

Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network

IFPN was created by a coalition of Community Organizations, Housing Agencies, Government Agencies, lenders, and banks. The goal is to provide support to Indiana homeowners facing or at risk of experiencing mortgage delinquency and foreclosure. The program provides up to $30,000 free and confidential mortgage payment assistance to help eligible individuals and families prevent foreclosure and provide counseling to those in need. Mortgage payment assistance is designed for homeowners unable to pay for their mortgage due to current or previous unemployment. Apply for this program at https://www.877gethope.com/customer/accountSetup.aspx. Apart from housing counseling, IFPN provides legal support and foreclosure assistance to those qualified for help. Have you recently received notice of foreclosure from your mortgage servicer? Well, don’t hesitate to apply at https://www.877gethope.com/customer/accountSetup.aspx for assistance. Note homeowners who seek housing counseling are 60 % more likely to save their homes than those who ignore it. Visit https://www.877gethope.org/questions#:~:text=Along%20with%20counseling%2C%20the%20IFPN,click%20%E2%80%9Capply%20now%E2%80%9D%20now. For more information.

Indiana Energy Assistance Program (EAP)

Indiana EAP provides one-time payment assistance to eligible low-income individuals and households who spend the most in paying for cooling and heating bills at their homes. You should note that this payment assistance does not cover your heating and cooling costs for the whole year. For this reason, you need to organize yourself and get ready to pay for your monthly bills once you receive the one-time annual payment assistance from EAP. Eligibility and the amount you will receive from this program depends on the size and the annual income of the household. Your income should not exceed the low-income limits in your area. For eligibility determination, ensure your documents show the most recent three months income. The minimum requirements to apply include proof of enrollment in school, for students over 18 who have income, an income verification affidavit, Completed Indiana DWD Release of Information Form for households with members who receive unemployment income, national ID, social security number, and copies of your most recent utility bills. Visit https://www.in.gov/ihcda/4097.htm to learn more about the program.

USDA’s Single-Family Housing Direct Home Loans in Indiana

The program is committed to assisting low-income individuals to obtain low-interest loans, payable over twenty years to make necessary improvements in their homes to facilitate safe and decent housing. The payment assistance reduces the monthly mortgage you will pay, and you must demonstrate repayment ability to be considered for financial support. The amount of payment assistance you will receive once you qualify for the program depends on your annual income. You must also be without safe and decent housing and demonstrate the need to have one. For more information, please visit https://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services/single-family-housing-direct-home-loans/in.

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