Housing Assistance for Low-Income in Utah

In need of emergency rent assistance? Housing Authorities in Utah support low-income individuals and families to find affordable private and public rental housing. There are also programs committed to ending homelessness by offering homeownership assistance to qualified families. Find out more about the available housing and supportive resources available across Utah by reading this article.

The Salt Lake Valley Coalition to End Homelessness

The primary goal of the Salt Lake Valley Coalition is to prevent and end homelessness in Salt Valley by providing supportive resources and coordinating with other stakeholders. The coalition also gets involved in data collection and analysis to determine the number of homeless individuals and families in the service area. The program work to determine the causes and appropriate solutions to homelessness by gathering the available community resources in fulfilling the established outcomes. The coalition partners with the key stakeholders in the community to ensure the housing needs of members are met. Visit https://homelessutah.org/coalition-end-homelessness/.

Housing Connect

The Housing Connect provides housing services to low-income individuals and families residing in Salt Lake County. The goal is to ensure the qualified have access to quality and affordable housing units in the private housing market. The Housing Connect manages waiting lists from the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, HUD’s Public Housing, Rental Assistance Demonstration Project-Based Vouchers, and Project Baes Vouchers. Their innovating housing properties provides support services to the residents and promote self-sufficiency and empowerment. The Housing Connect’s properties are designed to meet the specific needs of low-income families, including the elderly, disabled, people with chronic infections, recent immigrants, and the ones who just need to regain stability in the surrounding communities. To learn more about the program, please visit https://housingconnect.org/.

Utah Housing Corporation

Uta Housing Corporation provides housing services to low-income eligible individuals and families through loans and mortgage assistance. The goal is to enable the low-income to access safe and sanitary housing and prevent evictions and foreclosures among Utah residents. Learn more at http://utahhousingcorp.org/

Utah Non-Profit Housing Corporation (UNPHC)

UNPHC is committed to improving the quality of life of residents by providing safe and affordable housing. The focus is on low-income individuals and families. It is the largest non-profit organization to develop safe and affordable multi-family housing. Ever since the non-profit was founded in 1967, it has created over 50 family, senior, and special needs properties, which provides housing services to more than 2,500 households. The majority of the households earn less than 20% of the area median income. Want to learn more? Please visit https://unphc.org/about-us/.

Housing Rental Assistance (Section 8 Housing)

The Housing Authority of Utah County provides housing and rental assistance to qualified low-income individuals and families. Your income must meet the low-income limits as described in the annual income guidelines. Applicants are required to present photo identification for all adults, an original copy of social security cards, proof of legal residence in the U.S. The Housing Authority conducts criminal history checks on all adult members of households. If you have been previously convicted due to drug abuse or sexual offense, you can’t qualify for rental assistance. Find the application form in PDF format at https://housinguc.org/section-8/.

Home Rehab

The Housing Authority of Utah County provides up to 3% interest loans to eligible low-income homeowners to improve the condition of their homes. the funds can be used for home repairs. Repayment for the home loan scan is extended until the applicant transfers the property ownership or if they sell their home. The home loan repayment can also be deferred when the qualified applicant’s income increases. Elderly persons, disabled, and those with special needs can qualify for no-interest loans and may not have to repay. The loan may cover improvements, including repairing or replacing furnaces, updating plumbing systems, roof repairs, painting, among others. The purpose of this program is to help residents have access to safe and adequate housing. Learn more about the program at https://housinguc.org/home-rehab/.

Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program

The purpose of HPRP is to provide financial assistance and support services to prevent homelessness and to help individuals and families who are already homeless. The goal is to quickly re-house the victims and enable them to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. The program also connects participants to other housing resources in the community and help them come up with plans for preventing future problems or instability. Find out more at https://jobs.utah.gov/housing/scso/hprrh/.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Emergency Fund

The Utah Department of Workforce Services makes use of the TANF funds to support homeless individuals and families and those at risk of becoming homeless. The program tracks the needs of such families and measures the results based on household level and the impact it has on the homeless system. The TANF funds are meant to provide recurring and short-term benefits that deal with specific needs and do not extend beyond. Who is eligible for this program? Your income must not exceed 200% of the area median income, provide proof of legal residence in the United States, and have a dependent child (under 18). At least one of your family members should provide a social security number for income verification. For more information, please visit https://jobs.utah.gov/housing/scso/hprrh/.

Case Management and Housing Program

The purpose of the Case Management and Housing Program is to support low-income individuals and families through rent, providing homelessness services, and case management. The program also works to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants in the State of Utah. The goal is to enable qualified families to obtain safe, stable, and affordable housing in the surrounding communities. You should complete an online application to qualify for rental assistance from this program. Are you in need of case management services? Experiencing problems with your landlord? Please reach out by calling 801-359-2444. Worried you are not eligible for case management and housing services? Don’t worry. UCA will connect you with other available community resources that can support you. in need of homelessness services? Please call 801-990-9999 for assistance. The Utah Community Action (UCA) may provide you with information about the available homelessness resources and other options you can explore. Visit https://www.utahca.org/housing-case-management/ for more details about the program.

Community Development Corporation of Utah

The Community Development Corporation of Utah works to help you achieve housing stability. The corporation empowers families to achieve financial and housing stability by supporting homeowners and providing affordable rental housing units to low-income individuals and households. The CDC employs a community-based approach that focuses more on connecting the people with supportive resources. The corporation is committed to improving the quality of life for Utah residents by increasing financial knowledge, skills, and opportunities. The CDC brings public and private housing and supportive resources together to build sustainable communities. Find out more at https://cdcutah.org/.

Neighborhood Non-Profit Housing Corporation

Neighborhood Non-Profit Housing Corporation is committed to providing counseling services to individuals and families facing foreclosure. The program also provides homeownership services to eligible low-income families. The goal is to reduce the number of homeowners facing and to prevent foreclosure in Utah. Find out more at http://www.nnhc.net/.

AAA Fair Credit Foundation

The foundation provides homebuyer education both online and physically. Services include financial coaching and debt management that enable you to create a repayment plan that suits your financial situation. The program enables you to gain an understanding of Home Equity Conversion Mortgages. For more information, please visit http://faircredit.org/.

USDA Guaranteed Loan Program

Also known as the Utah Rural Housing Zero Down Program, USDA Guaranteed Loan Program offers an easy way for individuals to get to a home without a down payment.  The program offers 100% finance to low-income families who wish to have their own homes. To qualify for this program, you must meet the USDA low-income limits, buy a home within the USDA set geographical area, have a credit score of at least 460 and provide a 24-month income history. Your home must meet the requirements of USDA and be in good repair. You must also demonstrate that you can repay the loan. Visit https://www.utahhomegrant.com/utah-rural-housing-zero-down-program/ for more information.

Utah Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Utah LIHEAP offers support to qualified low-income families with heating and cooling costs. The program targets the most vulnerable residents, including the disabled, the seniors, and those with special needs. This ensures that no one is left out suffering in the cold or hot weather. To be eligible, ensure your family does not receive welfare benefits. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funds this program, and Utah State administers it with the help of Energy Assistance and Lifeline (SEAL). LIHEAP also offers crisis and weatherization assistance to qualified families. Facing additional an emergency related to weather? You can qualify for additional support through crisis intervention programs. Visit https://www.benefitsapplication.com/program_info/UT/LIHEAP for more details about the program.

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